Rodent Removal FAQ

Q: How efficient is the propane/oxygen process?

A: When used with the Rodenator, a precise mixture of 3% propane and 97% oxygen is injected into the tunnel for a predetermined amount of time. When this gas mixture is detonated by the Rodenator, the gasses rapidly expand inside the tunnel, creating a underground shockwave that collapses the tunnel system of some burrowing species.

Q: Does the Rodenator use poisons in the process?

A: No. Propane and oxygen are not considered a poison. In a few states, the Rodenator is considered a pesticide application device and may require licensing of the operator if used as a pest control for hire. End users such as farmers, ranchers, estate owners, and such generally are not required to be licensed to own or use the Rodenator. For more specific information in your area, check with your local State Department of Agriculture or County Agriculture Advisor. for use in the UK read the DEFRA statement here.

Q: Is the Rodenator Pro™ safe to use?

A: If the operator is wearing the required safety equipment and operates the device within the specifications set forth in the operator's manual, the Rodenator Pro™ is safe. Just like operating any other piece of equipment, common sense and a complete understanding of the use and safety precautions prior to operating this equipment is important.

Q: How fast is the process?

A: In most cases, the average amount of time it takes to treat a tunnel system, from discovery of the hole to detonation is about 1.5 minutes.

Q: Can I use this device in residential applications?

A: Residential applications are limited due to the type of target you are treating and the close proximity of homes. The Rodenator Pro Process can result in a loud report, similar to a gun shot. This is never a good idea with neighbors. If you have an application question, feel free to call our sales representatives for additional information. You may call our office or E-mail us for additional information and recommendations..

Q: I am on a tight budget. Do you offer a low cost Rodenator?

A: Yes the Rodenator R3 Wired Remote Pest tunnel Elimination System is our new low cost system. The Rodenator R3 combines previous R1 and R2 technology into one great package. The R3 allows the operator to manually flow the fuel while standing away from the blast. Igniting the gas is made easy by way of a 8 metre ignition cord with a detonation handle at the end allowing the operator complete operation from a distance. The Rodenator R3 comes complete, excluding the propane and oxygen tanks.

Q: What types of pest control does the Rodenator products handle?

A: The Rodenator can handle rat, rabbit, mole, pocket gophers, ground squirrels, woodchucks, groundhogs, and prairie dogs. See our Types of Pest Control page for more information on these specific types of pests.

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