Types of Pest Control

Types of Pest Control

Rodenator offers three of the safest remote ignition pest control systems that lets off a precise mixture of explosive gases underground to rid you of your pest control problems. The Rodenator is the longest established and only properly tried, tested, safe and professionally supported and recognised method for the destruction of empty rabbit, rat and mole tunnel systems. Defra and Natural England have both stated that the Rodenator can be legally used in England for this sole purpose which will solve any rabbit control problems.

Farm Pest Control

Some growers have estimated that wild rabbit damage on their arable farms equates to £25/acre over their entire cropped acreage! Combined with other pests like moles and rats and the cost of not using pest control can be huge! Prevention of damage from these pests will save you money in the long term and is something that the farmer should never overlook. Therefore, you need to minimise the damage caused by pests to your crops and there's no better way to achieve that than with the Rodenator, Rodenator 2 or the Rodentor 3!

Golf Course Pest Control

Golf courses suffering from poor pest control can expect to see ruined courses and a loss of business. Pests like Wild Rabbits, moles or rats can cause huge damage to well looked after courses and destroy years of work overnight with burrows. Pests like these can burrow under courses, ruining greens and landscapes as they "move in". Therefore, it's critical that golf courses ensure they have their pest control sorted.

Rabbit Control

In economic terms, the European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is the No. 1 mammal pest in UK agriculture, which sustains losses estimated at a staggering £100 million annually, mainly through direct crop grazing damage alone. The extent of damage to individual crops varies enormously however, depending on timing, severity and proximity to rabbit harbourage.

We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to act early and aim to be on top of the rabbit control problem before permanent crop damage is done. Protecting your crops from grazing damage is protecting your profit. It makes no odds if crop values are high or low, because in both cases, inputs remain generally constant so the resultant yield reduction goes straight to your bottom line. Therefore, you need to ensure you have the very best wild rabbit control offered from the Rodenator.

Mole Control

More of a grassland problem than an arable one, mole damage includes sward loss, stone damage to mower blades and other machinery plus listeria infection to livestock through soil-contaminated silage. The Rodenator, Rodenator 2 and Rodentor 3 are designed to effectively remove this particular type of pest in the safe and affordable way. The Rodenator products are the best DIY Pest Control products on the market today!

Rat Control

Damage from rats includes direct feeding damage to feed, and contamination. More than 20% of rats carry leptospirosis (Weil's disease) which is easily passed to cattle and can be fatal to humans. Losses could well run into the millions, not to mention the amount spent on poisons. Therefore, you need to minimise the damage caused by rats to your feed/animals and there's no better way to achieve that than with the Rodenator, Rodenator 2 or the Rodentor 3!

Pocket Gopher Control

Pocket Gophers are well equipped at digging and tunnelling. They rarely venture out of their tunnel systems except to migrate to a better for source or to breed. Pocket gophers do not hibernate and can produce three litters per year. Overall they can cause excessive damage to yards and foundations. Rodenator, Rodenator 2 and Rodentor 3 can handle the eradication of pocket gophers as well as rats, rabbits, moles, squirrels, woodchucks, groundhogs and prairie dogs.

Ground Squirrels Control

There are 30 different types of ground squirrels in North America including chipmunks, marmots, prairie dogs, woodchucks, or groundhogs, the California and Richardson ground squirrel, and the thirteen striped ground squirrel. Each one of these rodents causes a number of different problems that can be handled only by getting rid of the rodent. The best pest removal product for the job is the Rodenator product line.

Woodchuck / Groundhog Control

Woodchucks prefer to construct their burrows in open farmlands and in the wooded or bushy areas adjacent to open land. Burrows are commonly found in fields and pastures, along fence rows, stone walls, roadsides, near building foundations or the bases of trees. Application of the Rodenator to woodchucks and groundhogs has a high success rate because the animals retreat into their burrows at any sign of danger.

Prairie Dog Control

Treating Prairie Dogs is generally the same as other open hole burrows and can be performed any time day or night. Prairie Dogs are relatively large burrowing ground squirrels that form colonies referred to as prairie towns. They live in burrows about 10 yards apart and can easily be eradicated using the Rodenator product line.

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