Rabbit pest control with the Rodenator

The Rodenator is already in use on millions of acres throughout the UK, mainly for the control of wild rabbits, through destruction of their burrow systems or warrens.

In economic terms, the European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is the No. 1 mammal pest in UK agriculture, which sustains losses estimated at a staggering £100 million annually, mainly through direct crop grazing damage alone. The extent of damage to individual crops varies enormously however, depending on timing, severity and proximity to rabbit harbourage.

Loss of crop yield can range from superficial to 100%, but 25% (e.g. equal to 1 t of wheat per acre!) is common on arable field margins. Some growers have estimated that wild rabbit damage on their arable farms equates to £25/acre over their entire cropped acreage! On grassland farms the damage is harder to quantify, although of course rabbits have a ready year-round food supply on such units and can be harder to control.

In addition, damage is done to trees, hedges, hedge and ditch banks, railway embankments, golf courses and gardens. Wild Rabbits often burrow into open ground, presenting a regular hazard to grazing livestock, particularly valuable equines, which of course can be rendered worthless following lower leg injuries.

We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to act early and aim to be on top of the rabbit control problem before permanent crop damage is done. Protecting your crops from grazing damage is protecting your profit. It makes no odds if crop values are high or low, because in both cases, inputs remain generally constant so the resultant yield reduction goes straight to your bottom line. Therefore, you need to ensure you have the very best wild rabbit control offered from the Rodenator.

How does the Rodenator solve rabbit control problems?

By safely and remotely igniting a precise mixture of explosive gases underground, the Rodenator is the longest established and only properly tried, tested, safe and professionally supported and recognized method for the destruction of empty rabbit, rat and mole tunnel systems. Defra and Natural England have both stated that the Rodenator can be legally used in England for this sole purpose which will solve any rabbit control problems.

For more information, please see: Rodent Removal and Rodenator FAQ

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