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The Rodenator range – now from just £950 + VAT!

We at Rodenator are the only authorised UK importer of the Rodenator range which, "by way of burrow destruction", is highly effective for rabbit, rat and mole control, while being economical to run and leaving no toxic residues in the environment. We pride ourselves in both our pre-sales customer service and our after-sales support. We have already supplied in excess of 1,500 Rodenators, making them easily the leading burrow destruction device on the market. Our machines are superbly engineered, rigorously tested and completely safe. They are fully warranted and have an enviable track record for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Rodenator "R3" £1,650.00

Rodenator R3

The brand new, wired remote controlled Rodenator R3 is a hybrid of the established R1 (wired remote version) and R2 machines. It offers the advantages of both the R1 and R2 and is supplied, with a 1 year parts warranty, at just £1,650 (+ £49 delivery) = £1,699 + VAT = £2,038.80

Rodenator "R2" £2,350.00 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

The wireless remote controlled Rodenator R2 comes with a conditional lifetime parts warranty. With unrivalled operator simplicity and performance, it is priced at £2,350 (+ £45.00 delivery) = £2,395.00 + VAT = £2,874.00.

Rodenator "Pro" £1,350.00 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

All new Rodenator Pro/R1 units are now supplied with a 1 year parts warranty. The Rodenator Pro package is available at £1,350 (+ £49.00 delivery) = £1,399.00 + VAT = £1,678.80.

Reconditioned Rodenator "Pro" (or "R1") machines £950.00 - Currently Out of Stock

We offer used, factory-reconditioned Pro/R1 units, supplied with new regulators, gas hoses and safety gear at £950.00 (+ £45.00 delivery) = £995.00 + VAT = £1,194.00, with a 1 year parts warranty. Training is not included at this rate unless at our premises.

Standard accessory pack supplied with all Rodenators

Our standard accessory pack includes 15 m (50 feet) of top grade, joined, dual gas hose, Harris gas regulators, safety goggles and safety helmet.


Operator training is strongly advised with all Rodenator models, and is FREE at our premises!

Rodenator Extras

For all Rodenator models, we offer additional 15 m lengths of dual gas piping, complete with brass threaded connectors, at £95 + VAT = £114.00 delivered. However this would then result in a total of 30 m of gas hose, which can be very difficult to handle. Our spring loaded auto-reeler is then essential to save time and to prevent tangles and kinks. We supply these at £275 + VAT = £330.00 delivered. Purchasing both of the above together would be discounted to £325 + VAT = £390.00 delivered.

All Rodenators come with a comprehensive Operator’s Manual and instructional DVD, as well as a copy of our "safe operating guidelines" which can form the basis of your operational risk assessment. We also supply copies of our Defra letter and the Natural England statement covering such devices.

Look out for our advertisements and editorials in the farming and shooting press, and please refer to our websites and for further details and video footage.

We promise to provide you with the best possible attention and service at all times!

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