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"I am extremely pleased with the results, particularly the destruction of the treated tunnels and dens, which prevents immediate re-infestation deep into the field from the perimeter."

Brett Johnson Johnson's Farrier Co., LLC

Mr L Carmarthenshire

Mr L bought two R1 or Rodenator Pros™ for mole tunnel destruction and has about 15 regular customers.

"Depending on how large the infestation is, we usually target most places twice," he explains.

Once it’s been established that tunnels are empty, they are gassed for 30-90 seconds, depending on how big the network is. "We start at about 8am and tend to work for 10 or 12 hours, and it’s never caused me any trouble using the lance."

Mr H Cambridgeshire

Mr H runs 600ha (1400 acres) of all-arable land in Cambridgeshire. He bought his first Rodenator Pro™ four years ago.

"Rabbits are a constant problem to us and we’ve tried numerous ways of getting rid of them. Now, early in the season, we pick the worst patches and once we know the burrows are empty, we use the Rodenator to destroy the burrow network. If it’s bad, we usually revisit an area three times.

"We upgraded to an R2 last year and it’s a lot more operator-friendly. It also allows you to leave it gassing the burrow and identify other disused burrows.

"We still shoot and trap some rabbits but, without the use of Cymag, it’s certainly a crucial part our armoury."

"Gophers were destroying our property until the Rodenator Pro™ arrived. Thanks for a great product!"

Rick Raedeke Crescent City, CA

"I've used it this year on more than 300 acres of hay and beans and have virtually eliminated these critters for good. Dealer service has been great."

P.Van Pelt Rushford, Minn

"Cameron Tomkins-Bergh used to trap gophers the normal way until he saw a Rodenator Pro™ work."

Cameron Tomkins-Bergh River Falls, Wis

"In my estimation the Rodenator Pro™ easily took care of 95% of our gopher problem. There is no way I could have achieved these results with conventional traps."

Jared Britschgi Irrigation Technician, Irrigation Training and Research Center

California Polytechnic State University

Payette County Gopher Control District is trying to educate people in the County about on of our gopher elimination tools. It is called the Rodenator Pro™

Rory Clinton Payette County Noxious Weed and Gopher Control

"First words I can say to you about the Rodenator Pro™ is "WOW".

"Again, I thank you for designing these great machines."

James White ACS Wildlife & Snake Management Hughesville, MD

"It allows me to sleep easier knowing that I am doing a service to the Agricultural Industry, and at the same time I am humanely euthanizing Gophers, Praire Dogs, Moles and other Vertebrate Pests."

Mike Hill Critter Gitters Westcliffe, CO

"I would like to thank you for solving a major problem. I work at a 182-acre park in Las Vegas. For over 20 years pocket gophers have destroyed this park costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to taxpayers. The gophers would never take a break, always chewing wires, killing our plants, trees and turf and creating trip hazards. The gopher problem was so bad in a middle of a baseball games they would pop out into the infield. At one point we had hire a part-time employee, assigned to trapping gophers with conventional traps. We could not use poison due to secondary poisoning, and conventional traps had to be set early in the morning and removed before we went home. There was always a fear of a child getting his finger or hand caught in a trap. With the Rodenator there is no fear of secondary poisoning or an injury due to a trap. Thanks for the great product." 

Jeff Benites Clark County Parks and Recreation

"We are users of the Rodenator Pro™ in Holland. Our experience with this appliance has been extremely satisfactory. We have made wide use of the appliance in various departments. We have made extensive representation of ourselves and this method through radio and television."

Sincerely, Peter Traas

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